What We Offer

We take the pain out of your company’s shipping requirements – be that same day, next day or international delivery – by providing one-point access to the best parcel delivery services.

Our service saves you time, money and provides peace of mind. At the click of a button, our specialist software is the driver behind this time-saving shipping solution.

Best price? Best company to choose? Quickest? We do it all – so you don’t have to.

We pick up and deliver parcels and shipments of any size. The software we use – despatchlab – is key to our service. despatchlab is a massive time and money saver. It looks at parcel weight, size and destination and will find the best courier for the job. 

Whether you have one or fifty parcels to go out, you only need to prepare your parcels for one pick-up – by us. We will then get your parcels out to the carriers best-positioned to complete the jobs most effectively. You need only complete one set of paperwork, regardless of how many carriers we use for your jobs. 

We offer the added advantage of late afternoon and early evening pick-ups – enabling you to process more orders during the day. 

Our software is easy for clients to navigate and make bookings. It also offers total transparency on where a parcel or shipment is once it’s left your customer’s premises.

As a complete solution what we offer is unique.

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I want my deliveries to be better!

We’ll look at your shipping bills for the last month or quarter. Volume, weights, sizes, destinations. This will give us an understanding of your business – of the scale and scope of the service you need. We’ll then look at where and how we can make savings and potentially get parcels delivered more quickly.

It’s not just the £s savings though. Our service saves you significant amounts of time each month in administration time and logistics. Even if that’s just one person at an hour a day it adds up to about twenty hours a month or the equivalent of about 15% of a salary. And that person has had time freed up to focus on other parts of the business.


On Time Express is the trading name of 28-82 Logistics Ltd.


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