What is Same Day delivery?

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July 15, 2021

Same day delivery offers a service that ensures the quickest possible delivery for an item, directly from A to B. Same day delivery allows the customers to receive their package within the same day of them purchasing the item from the retailer. This can be useful if something is urgent, important or valuable. 

Same day delivery is usually more expensive and presents more challenges for the provided courier, as it involves more logistics and workforce to deliver the parcel on time. 

Below are some examples of companies who would use same-day delivery for their services: 

  • Law firms commonly use same-day delivery to transport legal documents that often need to be sent for signing with short deadlines.
  • There are many circumstances within the medical industry that require fast delivery. Couriers can be used across the medical industry for all sorts of situations, offering an effective way of transporting important consignments quickly. 
  • The healthcare industry also regularly uses couriers for moving things such as medical equipment, while some specialist companies also handle the emergency delivery of time-sensitive, crucial items like blood or organs.
  • Pharmaceutical companies will often use couriers for the quick distribution of medication, while services can also be used for transporting samples for medical trials or patient tests.
  • While a lot of large commerce businesses have their own delivery solution, many do often rely on the services offered by couriers. 

More independent retailers may need to get a delivery out to a client with same-day delivery and will outsource this to a local courier. Whereas, larger businesses that need to ship a big volume of orders on a daily basis may choose to work with a multi-drop courier. 

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