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July 15, 2021

Managing a successful logistics operation while keeping track of every moving cog, and also offering the best service to clients is incredibly challenging. Businesses need to juggle multiple systems, multiple carriers, a fleet of vehicles and premises… Until now.

despatchlab takes classic same day courier, domestics and international express delivery, and brings it into the 21st century, Think online marketplace integration, storage, fulfilment and delivery with national coverage, all in the same place. 

The intelligent routing engine optimises carrier choice based upon every element of your shipment information. Every carrier has different surcharges, and finding the best option can be very time-consuming. Imagine entering the value of the product, delivery location, weight and size, then having an AI choose the best carrier for the job. You won’t need an encyclopaedic memory or logistics experience – the system algorithms do it for you!

Transparency is a major feature of despatchlab. It allows you to see exactly how much each shipment costs as and when you are booking, real-time tracking information on a carriage and even stock inventory if you use our fulfilment services.

What are the headline benefits from a user perspective? Emma Whitaker, who joined diamondlogistics last year shares her thoughts.

‘I have previously worked with various businesses who use multi carriers and offer fulfilment so I am very familiar with our competitor’s systems, and, I have to say, when I saw despatchlab for the first time, I was impressed.

‘A system that allows you to track all your fulfilment orders and view all your deliveries, that that doesn’t cost thousands of pounds to set up and months of integration. It’s one of our best USP’s at On-Time Express. As a sales professional being able to offer our SME customers the same systems that major distributors use to support their business with acceptable setup fees makes us stand out from the crowd. To date, any customer who has seen the capability of despatchlab has agreed with me.

The software as a service solution was developed from the ground up and allows an unrivalled level of service to clients. It’s an industry first, and there’s nothing else like it. After investment in excess of £1m, despatchlab now represents a truly hassle-free and bespoke fulfilment and parcel management service. It confidently fills a gaping void in intelligent service provision that has hampered the industry for too long, and it’s continually evolving to even better meet clients’ needs by embracing the possibilities of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.

If you’d like to find out just how game-changing despatchlab really is for you and your business, then get in touch today via our website HERE at On-Time Express.

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