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September 2, 2021

diamondlogistics is experienced in supporting the providers of children’s toys, books and childrenswear with exceptional delivery solutions.

Whether you design, manufacture, source or distribute childrenswear, gifts, toys or books, we have a delivery solution to suit. From baby grows to buggies, to books to bath toys, diamond has years of experience in developing brands that are dedicated to supporting our little ones.

And we understand the importance of the children’s gifts market. March 2021 saw historic growth rates in online sales of childrenswear. diamond is ready to support its children’s clothing and gifts clients as they scale and contribute to this thriving sector.

From single purchases to complex subscription boxes and multiple item picks, we really understand the importance of presentation, delivery and time scale to support your brand growth. And we recognise that presentation of items is key to customer satisfaction. Beautifully wrapped purchases delivered by carriers appropriate to your brand, going above and beyond your customers’ expectations.

We have a packaging specialist here to advise you too, so you can make sure your client’s experience is memorable. We can also advise on 100% recyclable packaging to help your brand message continue post initial delivery.

We are fully registered and audited by the HMRC Customs and Excise and can guide you in how to ensure you are 100% compliant. EU and global deliveries are made simple with our support.

We are also experienced in dealing with a variety of delivery destinations – local, national and global. And a variety of delivery types, whether direct to consumer, to a retailer or into Amazon. We can even deliver same day from 30 + UK wide locations.

Fulfilment works best with 50+ consignments a week. However, unlike most eCommerce providers we are happy to support launch brands. We have scaled 100’s of businesses online and are truly dedicated to you expanding your children’s brand.

Useful facts:

  • We have inhouse packaging expertise
  • We offer a technology-led solution
  • Our system can integrate with your channels, market places and all our selected carriers
  • We offer local, national and global delivery
  • We’re leaders in the same day, overnight and international delivery
  • We are B2B, D2C, B2C experts

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