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How On Time Express Fixed a Timber Engineering Company’s Logistics

The Client

How do you grade timber for relevant mechanical properties? How do you engineer wood products for building purposes? How do you fracture material perpendicular to its grain and then apply it to a structure? Haven’t the foggiest? Join the club.

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These are questions reserved entirely for specialised experts – such as this recent client of ours. Timber engineering is their game, and they’re among the most forward-thinking manufacturers in the entire industry.

In fact, much like we do here at On:Time express, they utilise cutting-edge software to streamline and optimise the entire engineering process, from design to implementation. It’s powerful stuff, and it delivers nothing short of excellence time after time. Except, until recently, things weren’t quite as great as they should have been.

Certainly, these guys could deliver excellence – the problem was that this excellence wasn’t being delivered

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The Challenge  

Couriers demanding unreasonable pick-up times. A tale as old as, well, time. Quite simply, there was no courier company willing to collect their products later than 10 am.

This meant that next-day orders could not be fulfilled if they weren’t ordered at the veritable crack of dawn. This was as frustrating for them as it was for their customers – and it was costing them dearly.

So that was the main problem, but other grievances were really starting to take their toll on these enterprising engineers. Namely, their warehouse manager found that he was spending rather a lot of time on the phone chasing lost or delayed shipments.

A botched delivery is one thing – losing huge chunks of a working day just to get answers to questions is quite another. Such was the state of their logistics: inefficient, ineffective, infuriating.

The Solution 

If anyone knows the power of state-of-the-art software, it’s these guys. So when we offered to help them on a trial basis, with no contractual or long-term obligations, they were inclined to give us the go-ahead. As part of our core offering, we are entirely flexible to later pick-up times. We could collect orders on the same day, even if the request was made at lunchtime.

This meant that they were far better equipped to provide next-day service.

Additionally, we were able to use Despatchlab to streamline their entire operation. One person who particularly noticed the difference was our good friend the warehouse manager, who now had a single point of contact to help manage all of his accounts.

We could chase deliveries and solve problems on his behalf, significantly freeing up his time.


The Result 

With a next-day service now being more widely and readily available, our crafty timber engineers now find themselves in a far better position.

Their customers are happier, and the dam has been lifted on their revenue streams. It’s also relieved a lot of the strain. No longer do they have to scramble to have an order ready for 10 am.

Having the room to breathe is priceless – especially in an industry as technically demanding as theirs. And with Despatchlab now chugging along by their side, they’ve retrieved countless hours that were previously spent on frustrating, fruitless phone calls.

It’s our software and their software, working together to deliver timber engineering excellence to happy customers across the UK.

Like a precision-engineered metal web plating together a parallel chord truss (or something like that), it’s a match made in heaven.

Sound good? We can help you and your business, too.

Get in touch – we’ll show you how Despatchlab can level up your logistics.

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The future is bright…

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