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How OnTime Express Transformed a Distillery’s Logistics 

The Client

In a picturesque countryside village, there exists a distillery of growing repute and indisputable quality.

It’s the nearby ancient apple trees which provide the goods: the apples are picked and then distilled in a beautiful copper alembic still, producing a remarkably mellow and smooth spirit. This apple spirit is then infused with brandy, dry gin, and spiced rum.

Much like the apples that make them, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better tasting range of spirits. 

The Challenge  

So what was the problem? Why was this hearty, wholesome company struggling to reach its full potential?  

 It had nothing to do with the product or the distillers themselves. Rather, the fault was with their logistics. 

With customers spread far and wide, and a network of couriers that was becoming bigger and more complex by the day, the distillers were finding themselves spread a little thin.  

They were having to spend far too much time on the phone to get quotes and make enquiries. They were running back and forth between their distillery and the post office, often multiple times a day, to ensure that their spirits were getting to their customers. They were paying unreasonable amounts for next day shipments, scrambling to prepare orders for inconvenient pick-up times, and wading through waist-high piles of bothersome paperwork.  

Through it all, they remained passionate about their work. But this simply would not do.  

The Solution 

The main thing the distillers needed was a more efficient means of distributing their spirits, which would subsequently streamline their entire operation.  

We integrated Despatchlab, our state-of-the-art logistics platform, with their e-commerce system. With the AI now doing all the legwork, there was no need for the distillers to spend any time on the phone to multiple couriers in order to gather quotes. All it now took was the click of the button, and they would be presented with the best, most cost-effective courier for any given delivery.   

As for those fatiguing trips to and from the post office, we took care of that too. We would now collect their spirits right from their doorstep (literally – they started to leave the deliveries outside their front door, knowing and trusting that we would get them sorted). Better yet, we were happy to arrange pick-ups at their latest convenience, meaning they had time to prepare more orders on any given day.  

Finally, the issue of their increasingly excessive administrative duties. Despatchlab now does it all, presenting our distiller friends with one manifest, one invoice, one system of entry, one tracking system, one contact (us), and one touch label printing. Everything they need in one place.   

The Result 

Since working with us, the distillers have had their logistics centralised, streamlined, and simplified.

In other words, they’ve reclaimed their precious time, meaning they can focus solely on perfecting their craft and developing their brand. They’re making huge savings – especially on next day deliveries. And best of all, they can now spend their evenings with far less worry and concern, either drinking with friends, walking through the beautiful orchards, or making damn good use of that nice new sailing boat.     


Now it’s your turn. Let’s streamline your business so you have more time to do what you want to do.  

The future is bright…

… And a hell of a lot more efficient.

Now it’s within your reach.

Fewer headaches, more harmony. Less time wasted, more money saved.

Fewer delays, more hoorays!

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It’s not just the £s savings though. Our service saves you significant amounts of time each month in administration time and logistics. Even if that’s just one person at an hour a day it adds up to about twenty hours a month or the equivalent of about 15% of a salary. And that person has had time freed up to focus on other parts of the business.


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