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FatStick Boards


FatStick Boards are a client that develops stand up paddleboards, both rigid and inflatable. Watch the video to see how Diamond Logistics has helped them to expand their business.

Diamond logistics changed Andy’s Life! Fatstick Boards were able to develop into the brand they are today with the assistance of Diamond Logistics! They have been able to reach new heights that they never thought possible before coming to diamond!

Diamond Logistics E-Commerce


E-commerce is a huge part of Diamond Logistics offering. View this video to see how Diamond Logistics helps its franchises to give you, the customer, the best possible service!

Whether you’re looking for express sameday delivery, overnight or international shipping, or fulfilment for your online business, we’ve got you covered with bespoke logistics solutions.




Don’t just take it from us: diamondlogistics has been recognised for its work with numerous awards

The Logistics Awards Finalist 2020 - Innovation Award

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We’ll look at your shipping bills for the last month or quarter. Volume, weights, sizes, destinations. This will give us an understanding of your business – of the scale and scope of the service you need. We’ll then look at where and how we can make savings and potentially get parcels delivered more quickly.

It’s not just the £s savings though. Our service saves you significant amounts of time each month in administration time and logistics. Even if that’s just one person at an hour a day it adds up to about twenty hours a month or the equivalent of about 15% of a salary. And that person has had time freed up to focus on other parts of the business.


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