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Delayed deliveries have been crippling your business. You’ve spent hours chasing multiple couriers and juggling multiple systems, resulting in lost time and lost profits. You are experiencing logistics hell. 

At OnTime Express, we do logistics – but the difference is despatchlab. This AI-driven, state-of-the-art piece of delivery software exists solely to simplify and expedite your deliveries. All the hassle and hard work is taken care of – but you remain in full control. 

Together, we can transform your logistics and optimise your business. Leave your delivery frustrations behind with the power of AI, and ride the fast lane to a more efficient and prosperous future.  


you – back in control

One End to End Solution

Despatchlab merges seamlessly with your company’s infrastructure and does its thing. The weight is lifted from your shoulders, and your headache starts to ease. You make savings left, right, and centre. All the hassle and hard work is taken care of, but you’re always kept in the loop, and you retain full control.

You’ll also benefit from the following:
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One Single Entry System

No need to train your staff in multiple entry systems.


One Manifest

Quantities, origins, costs, destinations – all in one place.


One Invoice

All of your delivery costs handled on a single sheet of A4.

One Touch Label Printing

The time-waste of repeated processes is a thing of the past!

One Tracking System

Keep on top of your deliveries, wherever and whenever.

One Point of Contact

Cut the hassle of chasing multiple carriers to sort out delivery issues.


One Single Entry System

No need to train your staff in multiple entry systems.

Companies are often forced to spend precious time and money training staff in multiple systems of entry. It’s hard to keep track of, and it’s woefully inefficient. 

With Despatchlab, employees will only need to be trained in one system of entry – and a simple one at that. Not only does this free up your company’s resources, but it also ensures more uniformity and consistency in your day-to-day operations.  

We call it the logistics fast lane.

And you get to ride it on autopilot. 

Want some proof first? We thought you’d never ask!




What people are saying

“Excellent service. All aspects of my logistical operations managed to free me up to focus on my core business. Would recommend giving them a call and seeing what they can do 4 you.”

Ariamka Hassall

“We’ve used Diamond Logistics in very low volumes now for a year or so, service is absolutely top-notch and the team always go above and beyond.”

Luke Watts

“Excellent service. Always go above and beyond what you would reasonably expect of your courier company. Highly recommended.”

Janette Graham

“Reliable and efficient service – the Diamond team have consistently gone above and beyond to ensure that our needs are met.”

Rose Crampton

“Well, we have subcontracted for this company now for 4 yrs special connection, the managing director of the company is easy to talk with, the staff are friendly always pleased to help, so if you have any Parcels to collect, then diamond Logistics is your company to trust and deliver your delicate items with care and security, diamond Logistics Birmingham is one name never to forget,”

Lynne Hollyoak

“Highly recommended. We deal with H and he can never do enough to help. We send a fair amount of parcels each week with TNT through diamond logistics and although we sometimes have problems with TNT H is always on hand to help resolve them. Customer service is 2nd to none

Thanks, H keep up the good work”

Andrew Mcbride

“We have only recently started using Diamond Logistics, and the service is always excellent. Very friendly, helpful and efficient staff, we would recommend them to anyone wanting a prompt, reliable courier service.”

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The future is bright…

… And a hell of a lot more efficient.

Now it’s within your reach.

Fewer headaches, more harmony. Less time wasted, more money saved.

Fewer delays, more hoorays!

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I want my deliveries to be better!

We’ll look at your shipping bills for the last month or quarter. Volume, weights, sizes, destinations. This will give us an understanding of your business – of the scale and scope of the service you need. We’ll then look at where and how we can make savings and potentially get parcels delivered more quickly.

It’s not just the £s savings though. Our service saves you significant amounts of time each month in administration time and logistics. Even if that’s just one person at an hour a day it adds up to about twenty hours a month or the equivalent of about 15% of a salary. And that person has had time freed up to focus on other parts of the business.


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